Discount Heating Oil in Philadelphia, PA

Action Fuel Oil is a family-owned Oil Company servicing the Philadelphia Area since 1945.We use a state of the art computer system and a modern fleet of vehicles to provide customers with the most efficient service. Join our thousands of satisfied customers in the Philadelphia and Delaware Counties.
Man Delivering Oil - Fuel Oil in Philadelphia PA
Friendly, courteous and prompt delivery of premium petroleum products
  • Home heating oil
  • Off-road diesel
  • On-road diesel
Professionally trained and certified service technicians
  • Oil and Gas Heaters repaired and installed
  • Hot water heaters installed
  • Oil tanks installed
  • Air conditioning repairs and installation

Payment Options

  • C.O.D.
Cash, money order or check (with office approval) at time of delivery.

  • Credit Card
Credit card approval over the phone before delivery - eliminates having to wait for the delivery. (First time credit card must be presented to driver with ID).

Purchasing Programs

  • Lock-In Price
This program is a contract to purchase either a set amount or exact gallons at a specific price. Each delivery through the term of the contract will be delivered at the same price - regardless of the current market price.

  • Prepaid Oil
This program is when the customer makes a one-time payment of a specific amount of oil at a particular price per gallon made before the first delivery.